Immaculate Heart of Mary

March 14, 2011

We didn’t go digging in the basement for the holy cards and other religious images I told you about; we will have to remember to do it during your next visit. We always have more things to do than I have energy to do them, but we will get to most of them in time.

The green scapular and Immaculate Heart pendant are possessions I held dear during a difficult time, way back in 1968. You know most of the story of Tommy’s illness and how it challenged our family. The Immaculate Heart, along with the Sacred Heart of Jesus image that I showed you, was a special image for me during our daily Rosary and other prayers. I was eight years old and believed with all of my heart that prayers were heard and could save Tommy’s life. My beliefs have been sorely tested since that long-ago time, but he did live. I am not certain what that means or if it was even a positive thing in the end, but I held on to those symbols of Mary for a long time. They are still special to me, though their meanings are shrouded in confusion. I hope that both items can bring you solace when you need it. Maybe you will be able to define them more clearly than I have been able to do.

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