Thank you means so much

March 14, 2011

I received a note from the American social psychologist turned publishing and copyright lawyer whose article How the Internet Tried to Kill Me we read a couple of days ago. I dropped him a line saying I enjoyed his article and was glad to hear he was considered to be a reliable source with regard to his own existence, and alive. He wrote a thanks back and said he hoped I was not only alive but thriving. It was very nice.

Along with others, the lawyer has become part of one of my little projects. When I read or see something I like, such as a documentary, I have been writing short notes to thank the person responsible. Another response was from the documentary film maker who produced The Cu Chi Tunnels and Divided Country, Disposable People. You saw his Facebook page when we checked to see if he had left any new messages. He also produced the documentary INJECTION – AIDS, HIV (How Kaddafi and son murdered over 400 Libyan children), which left him with an affection for the Libyan people. I am worried about him, for he took off with medical supplies to Libya a week and a half ago. I did leave a message on his wall, but still no new words from him on Facebook today—that now makes a week. I hope he is alive and well.

**** Update 3/15/11 – Mickey is alive and safe in Cairo. He left a message on his Facebook page. We can now look forward to his stories. **** Update 3/16/11 – Seems the worry was well founded – Four New York Times Journalists Missing in Lebanon

****Update 3/21/11 – Captured NY Times Journalists Released From Libya****

It really doesn’t matter if I hear back from any of the people to whom I write. I just want to thank them for inspiring a part of my life. As we discussed, thank you notes can mean so much, and I thank you for sending your latest to Grandma Beanie.


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