March 19, 2011

I was just typing up this note about how much I appreciate your staying in touch by saying “hey” on Facebook from time to time, when a message popped up with you saying “hey.” That was fun, but the long chat afterward was something I will always cherish. Never underestimate your own power to balm the souls of others with a kind word. It may not a cure for a tortured soul, but it can act as a nice band-aid. You and I have been exchanging band-aids for a very long time.

There is no greater gift you can give another than your time and attention, and you give a great deal. You are much wiser than I was when I was a kid, because you already know the dangers inherent in giving of yourself too freely. You told me that one cannot continue to give and give and give without hurting oneself. Grandma Beanie had to tell me many times before it sunk into my head that, “You give away so much that you leave nothing for yourself, or of yourself. You reduce yourself to an empty husk and then expect it to stand.” As usual, she was right. The foundation crumbles when you give away the supports. Keep something for yourself. Love yourself. Allow others to refill some of that which you have given away. You deserve it.


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