Things she says

March 21, 2011

We really need to have this recorded somewhere. It’s the kind of thing that will live in the minds and hearts of all of your family members and be retold at every family gathering. I am honored to store it here as one more place to keep it safe, one more “mind and heart” available to retell the story of how Kenzie forgot your name. From your message:

“sissy, i forgot ur name”
“u forgot my name?!?!”
“look tori”

i love my sister

From your mom’s message:

OH how I love children! Conversation between my children… Kenzie: sissy, sissy , sissy… I forgot your name.
Tori: U forgot my name.. it’s Tori
Kenzie: Tori look at this.
how does one forget your sisters name?

That is just beautiful. In her sweet little head you are “Sissy” the knowing, the loving, the always-there. In your moments with her, need you be anything more or respond to any other name?

Here’s another because it MUST be recorded:

From your Mom’s Facebook:

me… Kenzie what wrong?
Kenzie in whining voice “I put my foot in the toilet”
me “howd u do that?”
kenzie still in whining voice “I was trying to wash my face”
Me in my head thinking “well you put the wrong body part in the toilet!”


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