WeStopHate, we hope

March 22, 2011

We just ordered your white rubbery wristband that is emblazoned with the slogan “WeStopHate.” The o in the word Stop is a peace sign; you said you liked that. I like it too, and like even more that you want to wear the bracelet.

The world is a better place when we remember the power of a kind word and are especially cognizant of the destructive nature of hate speech and plain old meanness.

We have all felt the bitter sting of words hurled at us in hatred, and make no mistake, regardless of who is doing the hurling and whether they are a “friend”, the words come from a place where hatred lives. Sometimes the words are whispered to others and make their way back to the subject via a chain of people who allow hatred to reign in their lives. Gossip comes from the place where hatred lives too; it’s a verbal sock in the gut that keeps giving and giving until it plays itself out in the minds of those who repeat it. We all harbor seeds of hatred somewhere within us. Using introspection to control them, we can keep those seeds from germinating.

We hope. Thanks for trying.


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