Bring your crayons

March 23, 2011

Today’s web browser tab hopping takes us to the beautiful Brooks Range in northern Alaska. Because my poor old hard drive is overtaxed simply by my being near it, my trip was text, image and map driven, from browser tab to tab to tab. Google Earth can’t live on this machine until I get it fixed (found online and am ordering new guts and stuff for the poor old machine, so we will be flying with Google Earth again soon).

I landed in the inhospitable Alaskan tundra and polar desert region via a television series called The Event. It’s one of those shows, complete with intrigue, supernatural events, and aliens who crash landed in the Brooks Range in 1944. Intriguing aliens almost always get my attention. You know how I watch shows and movies, a Google stop here for a word or phrase definition, a stop there for other work completed by one of the actors, a fly-by fact verification, and then bam! I finally land at the destination I didn’t know had been scheduled. This time, brrrr Alaska. You can bring your crayons and watercolors, darlin’, but I am thinking that no one can compete with the other-worldly imagery we are about to experience.

Map and Text from Outside/June 1998 & Smithsonian/July 1995


This is the first image that took my breath away (no pun intended).
The glowing igloo is amazing. I wonder who was inside.
Aurora with Igloo, Brooks Range, Alaska, USA – By Rolf Hicker


This image made me think of my crayons. I don’t think I could do quite the same job coloring this landscape as Someone Else did, however.


Many more images (including aurora borealis, wow): Click Here

As beautiful as it is, Brooks Range is a place that I would like to see only through my poor old machine. It’s just too cold up there for me, but I am grateful for those who brave the Alaskan no-man’s lands and send back such spectacular views to bring out the gasps in the rest of us. If aliens really are up there, I hope they have nice parkas. 


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