Gross, gross, gross

March 25, 2011

I laughed when Arkie ran around the family room during the last Mysterious Fly Invasion eating flies I had just swatted, off of the floor, before I could pick them up. I really don’t like those invasions. There is something Amityville Horrorish about flies taking over a room for no good reason. Arkie eating the dead flies was creepy but to be expected, I suppose, for some weirdo dogs like her. It really did strike me as being funny though—remember how you were surprised that I was laughing so hard because you didn’t recall ever seeing me lose it like that? You said you thought I never found things to be funny, but the truth is that although I don’t like much of the comedy portrayed in movies and on television, I don’t laugh out loud a lot because it starts a coughing fit that is difficult to stop. I think many, many things are funny and hope to share more of them here.

Arkie was not funny today, however, and if she didn’t break all of my trust, she did severely bend it. She did the yuckiest thing ever, and though I have read about it, I gag even thinking about it. She did it. She raided the kitty litter box. And she smelled like it. I may never look at her the same way again.

After much rinsing of her mouth with both water and milk, I cleaned off her teeth with a washcloth, grumbling and grousing the whole time. You remarked a couple of weeks ago that she is so spoiled that I rarely give her a stern word. She has now heard about every stern word I have in my arsenal, and I am busily trying to think up more.

Edelweiss is unfazed by it all; she doesn’t seem to mind sharing her litter box with the dog. Ugh.

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