March 28, 2011

Yep. The fever is raging again and it feels like someone replaced the lungs with nail files and Brillo pads. Everything is buggin’. The candle is too strongly scented, the air is too cold, the heater is too hot, Arkie is too loud—well, you get the idea.

Today I watched for any news regarding your negotiations for a once monthly, two hour meal and alone time with your dad. I fell over around three o’clock p.m. and awoke around eleven p.m. to find my poor old slow machine had spectacularly crashed. It was pretending to be a not-at-all-amusing door stop, and I had to cajole it into pretending it was a computer again. As you can see I won this time, and am now typing merrily away. Still no word about the negotiations, but I expect to hear tomorrow that you two have begun to work things out.

Today a new CD/DVD drive arrived in the mail, and tomorrow the new hard drive will be delivered. That is all I need to bring this poor old machine to its previous zooming glory. I will have another extra hard drive for storage, too, because the one that is failing now is still good for my work files. It’s Windows that makes it mad.

Everything smells like vinegar and bleach; I have been cleaning the coffee maker and kitchen and baths. I hope the weather is warm tomorrow (it’s only 22° now) because I would really like to air this place out. I have no idea where this energy is coming from during the fever, but we have to take it when we can get it.

**** 3/29/2011 – Update:  Zooooooooom. The poor old machine is fixed. Let’s fly Google Earth. ****



  1. I hope you feel better soon. Dont over do it with the energy. Congrats on getting a computer renovation.

  2. :) Thanks!

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