No bored, in any language

March 30, 2011

It’s amazing that people can be bored with everything we have available to do quickly, simply and inexpensively. It seems that one would have to work at it to achieve boredom. You may recall our conversations about “I’m bored” and how Grandma Beanie and I handled it when our children used the same phrase over and over and over again. Stock responses:

Grandma Beanie: “Clean the bathroom.” YIKES! Kids running before she suggested that we also clean the basement.

Gramma Me: “I’ll find something for you to do…” SCREEECH!!! Kids flying in all directions before I suggested we study WWI, through song.

A portion of one of our chats is below, with how you handled “I’m bored,” for posterity. You have always been creative and were the first to try “I’m bored” in a foreign language:

You: hey

Me: ahoy
Me: i love your collage
Me: it really captures you

You: thanks it took forever to make it

Me: you chose great pics

You: i thought so too it took a while to choose

Me: yeah i bet – you have a lot

You: i want to make one that i can go crazier with

Me: you would have more freedom with photoshop or illustrator
Me: achoo! egad

You: yeah

Me: the forecast is sneezy and yucky
Me: don’t know where this came from

You: lol
You: it would be fun to make one in photoshop

Me: that image from after your mom’s wedding always catches my eye – you look so tired

You: i was sick

Me: oh, that’s right
Me: you did tell me that
Me: yeah, with photoshop you could do anything your head can think of

You: yeah

Me: i wonder if your wristband will arrive monday
Me: hope so

You: yeah

Me: oh, in pshop you could make each square a diff color

You: soy aburrido (i’m bored)
You: yeah that would be fun

Me: so you now say it in spanish
Me: sheesh

You: Voy a hablar en español (i will speak in spanish)

Me: leer un libro (read a book)
Me: para ayudar en su aburrimiento (to help this boredom)

You: he leído todo el día (i’ve read all day)

Me: ahhh
Me: navegar por la web – aprender cosas interesantes (surf the web – learn interesting things)

You: en la escuela estamos teniendo dos días y mis dos va a ser este niño de quinto grado (at school we are having twin days and my twin will be a fifth grader)

Me: oh, vi que – ¿cómo se trabaja el hermanamiento? (oh, i saw that – how does the twinning work?)

You: no sé lo que vamos a llevar todo (i don’t know all we will do)

Me: Bueno, yo apuesto a que será divertido (well, i bet it will be fun)

You (later): i’m bored

Me: you’re not supposed to say that

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