Éntuinue ingénue

April 6, 2011

Sometimes we stumble over something so perfect that it hits us in a positive manner and we like it, but can’t immediately cite the reason. So it was with the the discovery of your pseudonym: EnTui.

Renaming oneself for use on the Internet or as a pseudonym for publishing on the web requires thought about who you are, what you like and what you would be conveying to others about yourself. After trying to create a name out of many words and phrases from your everyday life, we finally tried using your love for monkeys as inspiration. We gave that up when my free association with the keyboard began creating such things as, Rhesus Peesus. That could have been the absolute low in my history as a wordsmith. Disastrous. But we had a gut laugh over it, didn’t we?

Trying another word often favorably associated with you, intuition, I tried the free association with my keyboard and it immediately decided to have a French accent (I have no idea why) and the letters e-n-t-u-i appeared on the screen. We looked at each other, and began letting the letters roll around in our mouths and off of our tongues. It was good. It could be you. After researching to ensure that we were not saddling you with a name that was a dirty word or phrase in another language, we called it good. We called it you.

Twenty-four hours of looking at the name while setting up your private blog and adjusting settings here on Not Quite Dead Yet to include you as a contributor have convinced me that I like it even more as time unfolds. It really wants to be French and refuses to come out of my head sans French accent, which led me to look up the “tui” portion of the name in French. Nothing. But something in my head told me that I know that word from somewhere, so I looked again and found it to be a lovely little word. A tui is a bird from the honeyeater family of New Zealand, that has:

a multicoloured iridescent sheen that varies with the angle from which the light strikes them, and a dusting of small, white-shafted feathers on the back and sides of the neck that produce a lacy collar.”  —Wikipedia

The tui is also considered to be very intelligent. Perfect!

Another word that refuses to leave my head while I am thinking of your new pseudonym is ingénue. Many classic pieces from the worlds of literature, stage and screen provide us with a glimpse into the life of the ingénue, the innocent young woman whose experiences drive the plot. Well, that’s true here, too! Drive on, sweet girl.

From the giggling session of her birth, EnTui comes with much to share. She is the ingénue of her own story and of the last chapters of my own. Out of respect for her importance to the plot, I will always pronounce her pseudonym as if it were of French origin, as is the description of her character, the ingénue. The Éntuinue. The intelligent, iridescent young woman.


  1. words words lovely words. i’ve styled myself a ‘wordslinger’ for years (if only in my own head…) beautiful piecing together of a name, and in so doing, crafting an identity.
    plus the bird is really pretty. :)
    via UBP,

  2. I enjoyed that so much! My online name generally follows coffee or a variation of!! Interesting! =)

  3. Beautiful. There is so much to a name on a spiritual level, beyond what we can understand. I love how generations before considered names as a blessing and a promise–a banner over your little one’s life–and not just something that sounds unique. I think you’ve done just that with EnTui. (Said in with a French accent. :)

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