April 10, 2011

A scream resounds within my head,
Reminding me I’m not yet dead.
Continually keening day by day,
It hinders fortune coming my way.

The din makes life song hard to hear;
New exploits shunned with visceral fear
The din will change to an intolerable key
With dissonance added to deafen me.

Silence I crave and peace I seek
While trying to squelch the scream in me.
One by one I stifle swells
Contributing to the screeching hell.

Piece by piece I replace the parts
That life removed with all its hurts.
But pieces are lost and out of reach;
And I can’t rebuild the essence of me.

In the voids I find my soul afire,
Conflagrations consuming funeral pyres.
Flames of my soul, to my chagrin,
Roar as loudly as the screaming din.

Ah God, could You relieve this pain,
Balm my soul, halt fire’s reign.
Am I doomed to burn, to live with strife,
Never in peace ‘til I leave this life?

JanCan 2005

This is another of the oldies that I am still digging up. I can’t recall whether you have read this one before. It’s pretty dark. Like the others, it can live here for posterity.


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