April 11, 2011

My life has been a carousel, the center being you.
The animals are things you taught and showed me as I grew.

The gentle lamb is poetry, the rhythm of the word;
The regal stance of self-esteem is in the peacock bird.

Loyalty lives in the breast of the horse, his neck so straight and strong;
Protection, the code of mother bear, lasted my whole life long.

The camel displays persistence, his own unquenchable will;
Spirit is in the heart of the goat, climbing the tallest hill.

The lioness teaches pride in work; the giraffe shows us how to stand tall;
But the power of love from the cooing dove is the strongest lesson of all.

The carousel’s ribbons and trappings are the tapestry of my world,
A response to all of the lessons, so carefully you unfurled.

Round and round the carousel goes, its lessons in my soul;
To be the driving force, the center, has been my lifetime goal.

I hope to be the center and teach what you have shared,
To pass along the legacy to those entrusted to my care.

JanCan 1994

Found another one, a bit early for Mother’s Day. I gave this one to Grandma Beanie for Mother’s Day in 1994. There are still a few more of the old poems around here somewhere and I will post those out here for posterity, too. Love.


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