We’re getting warmer

April 21, 2011

Spring is here.


He peeks around the corner,
But we know what a coward Spring is.

He touches hands, heads, sometimes toes in sand,
But never quite gets here;
He is always coming.

Barely held back by vestiges of Winter
Spring rushes in, then loses momentum.

If he asserted himself
He could blow away Winter
With one balmy breeze.

But he is a coward.

When he finally finds courage enough to allow
one phlox or hyacinth to poke the cold resistance
it’s too late.

He is no longer battling Winter.

Summer has made her first glorious appearance.

She is hot and damp and loud, and blasts
Spring into last week saying,

“We have no need of you here, cobarde.
We are Summer,
and we are marvelous.”

JanCan 2011

“Spring and fall can be mild and overcast, but also severely stormy at times with 293 partly cloudy to cloudy days each year.” —Wikipedia


One comment

  1. Beautiful .. . my grandmother wrote poetry, too. If I can find some (my mother tells me it’s around somewhere) I’ll have to post it. Your granddaughter will treasure this. :)

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