Shhh, they’re sleeping

April 25, 2011

Over the weekend I put characters in a short story I am writing to bed with an admonition to not bug me until Monday. I was going to Beanie’s house for Easter dinner and didn’t want to worry about mischief they might get into while I was not watching. They obliged, stayed quiet.

Today I was worried I might not be able to wake them. They were groggy and uncooperative. Had they had sneaked out for drinks—lots of them—over the holiday weekend?

Drinks are not writing fluid, so I was concerned as they sat on the screen near the unthinking, blinking cursor, looking at me. “What do you want US to do? Isn’t this YOUR party?”

It’s okay now. They awakened and rushed their little butts back to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where they belong. They may have apologized for being late. I might have imagined that.

**** Challenge, write a story, 150 or fewer words. To Strunk, White,  Bri and Jo: you may have created a monster.  :) ****


  1. That’s what I do best. Create monsters.

  2. Oh I love it! What a great way to think about characters:)

  3. Writer’s block is the worst. Just thought i’d say that, not sure why. :-)

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