Beanie and the Easter Bunny

May 2, 2011

You know Grandma Beanie, she can be a bit quirky and always loves a theme.

Grandpa John’s Santa Claus displays and Grandma Beanie’s Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter displays have startled all of us at one time or another as we head to the restroom during a holiday visit when something either cackles, ho ho hos, or suddenly blasts holiday spirit music that resonates within every one of our cells for the remainder of the visit.

We who grew up with Grandma Beanie appreciate those displays. We appreciate them far more than a holiday theme tradition she almost began one Easter long ago when, for Easter dinner, Grandma Beanie served rabbit.

She did.

Grandma Beanie served us fried Easter Bunny and we sat there dumbfounded. We were all old enough to have given up belief in a large rabbit bringing candies and goodies in the middle of the night, but he had always brought such wonderful goodies that we probably still had a bit of reverence for that belief. Today I can’t remember more than a few things the Easter Bunny delivered. Fried Easter Bunny remains one of the most vivid Easter memories (there are more, oh yes) for most of us, and it’s really kind of fun, just like Grandma Beanie.

The themed dinner tradition never gained any traction in the theme world of Grandma Beanie, however, because it would be entirely inappropriate to serve a white-bearded, rotund old man with an apple in his mouth for Christmas dinner.

January 31, 2013 – CONGRATULATIONS! You have found your first Easter egg. More to come soon.



  1. I think I’d like Grandma Beanie…

  2. I sure do. She’s still as funny as she always was. :)

  3. That’s funny.

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