Sans men

May 2, 2011

**** Update 5/2/2011 – Finished! I inserted the completed design below. It’s off to the printer and I am off to work on a brochure for upscale real estate. ****

I am painstakingly removing bright yellow sans serif and script lettering, and shadow, from the chest, leg, and kilt of an image of a man who, at first glance, I thought was fairly good looking.

Having rebuilt every freckle and shadow on the right side of his chest (left side of image) and contouring the shadows on his leg below the kilt line (which is flipped up a bit to show his navy blue shorts – had to rebuild those too), and rebuilding parts of the kilt itself, I am thinking that parts of his photo look like a fuzzy peach and parts look like a Catholic school girl’s jumper. Of course, I am working at near pixel level here. And of course, the original image (which is for a romance novel cover) without bright yellow lettering plastered all over it, is unavailable.

The above images are the upper part of the project – I am still working on that danged kilt. You can see in these images that I still need to replace many of his chest freckles and smooth him out a bit. I will be able to cover some of the rebuilt parts (thank heaven) with new shadowed lettering that will be on the bookmark, so I think it will work out.

This pixel picking work is for a 2″ x 7″ bookmark to match the book cover. The author will be pasting real plaid fabric over his umm, area, under which a teensy copy of her real book cover covers his umm, area, and a caption, “Uncover the fun!” will be artistically placed, by yours truly. Probably a lot more artistically placed than in the above images – gotta keep that belt buckle visible. I should have turned that layer off before I saved these images, but the caption cracks me up, so I left it. I will be more artsy later.

This project is becoming similar to the brochure I worked on during one of your visits, with the fifteen Turkish male models in all varieties of sweaters, in varying sitting and standing positions. They are all so pretty when I begin, and at the end, I would be happy to not see another image of a well built man for, well, at least for a while.

Remember the guys below? Remember how the guy kept saying, MORE pictures! NO space! My telling him that when the tri-fold brochure was folded he would be folding all of those nice boys’ heads didn’t even help. If you look closely, you can see that a few arms—but no heads—would be folded because I just can’t handle that.

The below example is a much better brochure, with a reasonable number of images and some fun design features. I would rather you remember this one, even if there are no pretty men in it.


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