May 4, 2011

I found the Versatile Blogger Award in the comments for one of my posts, from the author of When I Grow Up. Thank you, Terri, for thinking of me.

I hope everyone takes a moment to visit Terri. She has a nice little blogohome where one can kick back and relax, have a few laughs, a few thought provoking moments, and admire the fireplace.

For other Versatile Bloggers here to discover your mission, should you choose to accept: I am told there are a few clerical items for you to complete upon acceptance of your award, listed below.

  1. Thank the person who awarded you.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Award 15 bloggers you have recently discovered.

Seven things no one knew they wanted to know:

  1. Long unmarried (and like it that way), I am a
    hopeless romantic—for other people.
  2. My granddaughter is the light of my life.
  3. My mother is the soul of my life; my father was the heart.
  4. Graphic design and writing are my passions.
  5. Reading is more than a passion to me; when I cannot
    read I undergo withdrawal—get a bit twitchy.
  6. I love beer. And spiced rum, with cream soda.
  7. A sirloin steak, medium rare, is my manna from heaven.

I can list a handful of sites now for Versatile Blogger Awards and will add more as I discover them (I’m still kind of new around here). Some of my favorite blogs have already received the award (visit them through my blogroll), and Terri named some of the discoveries we recently shared through a blog party, so please visit her Versatile Blogger post, and hop on over to those sites, too.

  1. Wordly Wonder
  2. The Other I
  3. Midaeval Maiden
  4. Life With 4 Cats (she added dogs!)
  5. Black Belt Gam
  6. Breaking for Big Red

Found a new one! Unga Bunga Girl, Musings of a CAVE DWELLER!

How about that? Daily I visit a pirate ship, a cat house (with CATS in it, tsk, tsk any naughty minds out there), a parallel universe, a road to the unknown, and a long road to Nebraska. I love adding a cave to that odyssey. I have long resided in a Crystal Cave, a beautiful geode with jutting, sharp, cutting sides. When video conferencing first became available in the late 1990s I used the Crystal Cave and a single candle flame as my avatar.



  1. Hey thanks Im really happy you liked my blog enough to include me in your awards. Thats so neat! I love the way you turned it blue instead of green. It looks snazzy that way. You do realize that I and lifewith4cats are both me right? heheh, Ill put the award on both blogs and link back to you. It will be fun finding new blogs to give the award to. Thank you! :)I didnt know the cat blog was in your bloggroll. Thats so cool!

  2. I did NOT know you and lifewith4cats were the same person. How fun! How busy for you, too. Well, I visit them both. :)

    • heheh Im sneaky like a cat. :)

      Ive tried spiced rum and root beer. It was strange at first, but good.

  3. 1 & 5 – I am so with you on those.

    The spiced rum – that’s NOT with the cream sode I hope ???


  4. Yup, with cream soda. It’s quite wonderful, actually. I stumbled over it one night when I had nothing else for a mixer, and a friend told me he swore by it. He said, “Smell them side by side—they smell the same!”

  5. Hmmmmmmm – I’ll think on it a while…

  6. Thank you so much for thinking of me as one of your versatile blogs! As a newbie-blogger, I’m always thrilled to see what a friendly and encouraging environment there is in the writing world (wide web).

    PS – I definitely experience reading withdrawals too! I just “binged” and bought five books at the store after not reading something for the past few weeks.

    • Hi Rachel. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and have found motivation for submitting my writing in your words (and video – “I will write this CHAPTER today” – hehehe).

      I need new books. I think I will go get some. I am reading Gore Vidal’s Creation – again – it’s one of those books that one must read about ten times to absorb it. He’s much like Michener in that regard.

  7. Dear Optymyst,
    Thanks so much for thinking of me in your awards! I am honored. I’m new at this, too, and really enjoying all the new friends I’m making. Such fun!
    :) TJR
    p/s Grandma Beanie sounds like my kind of woman. I still can’t get over that rabbit story. :)

    • I am having fun with it too, Toni.

      Beanie is truly the most amazing woman I have ever known, which is why it’s important to me that my granddaughter knows her even better than she does now. They have a mutual admiration society among the two of them. I love to see a granddaughter love and pay attention to her great grandmother as my sweet girl does. My granddaughter (EnTui) is as amazing as my mother (Beanie).

      And I’m not at all biased. :)

  8. Wow–thanks for the award! :) We’ve known each other such a “short” time and yet somehow I know that it is in the cards for us to chat. Thanks again!!

    • I felt the same way when I stumbled over your blog, Jen. You also share a name with my daughter, who also shortens Jennifer, to Jen.

      Kismet. :)

  9. Thank you so much for the award. I really am surprised. I’ve been reading your posts, your funny. And you are a fellow meat-eater, yeah! I thought we were going extinct. I’ll have to try your spiced rum and cream soda concoction. I know what you mean about bookless and twitchy. Cool!

    • I have been enjoying your poetry and other posts, so although it was a whirlwind courtship, you are now the owner of a blogger award with an image that isn’t GREEN!

      (It was green and I just can’t have that, so I changed it.)

  10. “…My granddaughter is the light of my life.

    My mother is the soul of my life; my father was the heart.”

    It is a beautiful wonder, that mere words can say so much. Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

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