Blame it on me

May 5, 2011

Growing up is tough. The teen years are a mine field full of exploded dreams and singed self respect. Though there will be plenty of ups to go along with those downs, there will also be times when you need a break.

It’s difficult to be cool if you have to tell your contemporaries, “I have to be in by nine,” or, “There is no way I can go.” The solution to such a difficult problem is: blame it on me. Blame it all on me. When your dad and his siblings were growing up I told them the same thing. I know we have talked about it before; this is a reminder because you are almost there—almost a teen.

If you have a nutty mom or grandmother who will make your life seriously difficult if you don’t live by her crazy rules, people try to understand. They will also understand if she needs you.

Tell them, “She’s quite mad, you know, and she’s sick. She needs me.”

You are then a hero who cares for others, someone to be revered. It works, and it’s always true. I always need you and I am always quite mad, so you never need to lie. And you always truly care.

If you need to get out of doing something or visiting someone, come on over and we will do things, just as we have in the past. We don’t even have to do anything. You can sit in your room with the door closed and have some nice, peaceful, quiet time with a good book or simply stare at the wall.

Whatever you need, blame it on me. I can take it.

Thank you for changing your Facebook profile image to one of your mom in honor of Mother’s Day. You can blame it all on her, too—she would love it. I’m glad you like the image of Grandma Beanie I am using until Mother’s Day is over. Thanks for the smiley! :)



  1. Your wisdom, kind thoughts and gentle words never cease to amaze me. And I don’t amaze easily. :-)

  2. All I can really say to this is Thank You.

  3. I just want to say ditto to John’s comment…

  4. Thanks, folks!

    I can’t take credit for any wisdom imparted here. I follow the examples of Beanie and John and hope for the best. I am certain they followed wisdom of their parents, so I am copy-catting a hundred years of wise family members.

    I will take credit for having paid attention, and hope that the young ones in my family will follow suit.


  5. “The teen years are a mine field full of exploded dreams and singed self respect.” — What an excellent way of expressing it! Cool post!

  6. My mother needs to read this post and realize what she’s done. But she never will. She won’t even read MY blog.

  7. Aren’t moms great? :)

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