Greatest gift

October 15, 2011

We’ve talked about what love is far more than we have discussed what love is not. For the sake of posterity, I will record some of the things we have identified as shining examples of love.

Your mother’s immediate family is one of the most loving and respectful families I have ever known. I consider it an honor to know them and am grateful that through you, I can call them my family, too.

The support your mom’s parents displayed immediately upon learning of your impending arrival was a beautiful thing to witness. Without chastising, your grandmother and grandfather took your mother’s hand and began the process of change that was a surprise to all of us. You were early and unexpected, but preparations for your entry into the world were made with only your and your mother’s health and well-being in mind.

Your grandparents respected your mother enough to understand that she knew she had made a mistake, and there was no need to go anywhere with the discussion other than forward. Your mother responded in kind, accepting and honoring her parents’ gift by returning the respect they offered.

That is reciprocal love.

Your mother worked very hard to finish high school and complete some college while keeping a job that provided you with medical insurance. She beat the odds of what happens to many young single mothers by providing you with a stable and healthy home. And she did it alone. She had help from family, but she drove her own life and took you along. Over thirteen years she has never failed you, even to the point of teaching you to respect and honor others. That is the greatest gift she could give you.

You learned respect from those around you, but that you practice it is a testament to who you have become. I am honored that you share your respect with me and know that because of your family, you and I have the type of relationship that is one of the best examples of love.

We are fortunate to have experienced love in our lives. One way to honor those who love us is to refuse to accept anything less.



  1. Beautiful post. It’s so wonderful that you’re doing this for your family. I wish my grandparents would write down their stories.

  2. Oh my – wonderful. :)

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