Digging within

December 16, 2011

From you:

“I keep having dreams about u digging.”

From what I have read, it seems that digging in our dreams represents difficulties and challenges, or working to find something within ourselves.

Digging from your own viewpoint (dreaming you are the one digging) might suggest that you are working on a problem or challenge in your life. Watching someone else digging might suggest that the person is struggling with challenges you are trying to understand. You might be questioning why the person faces those challenges, or how you can help.

Digging a hole while it continually fills with water represents working toward something we cannot achieve—the hole will always fill with water because ground water levels usually remain constant. For some it suggests that working against something that seems unchangeable is futile, like digging below water level.

Of course, the hole filling with water dream could be a defeatist view we harbor in our subconscious. Building below ground level has certainly been achieved; the builder needed only to approach the problem from a different perspective.

Those representations make sense to me. Millions of basic ideas floating around in the collective consciousness have been around for millennia and have become what Carl Jung (Pronounced ‘yung’) defined as archetypes—ideas or symbols common to us all. I like to imagine that we are immersed in the collective consciousness when we sleep and could theoretically access knowledge from when time began to now.

If in your dreams you discover how to beat all of the challenges we face, let me know.

Added 1/7/13 – most current dream we discussed:

Some dreams you are having! I believe that they are reflecting very natural feelings of change and concern during this period of your life. The teen years are frustrating and confusing and scary on so many levels that your dreams are reflecting those many levels, even as they change.

The first thing to remember is that in most every dream, a building or, in this case, a bathroom within a building is a representation of you. It’s your mind, your fears, your observations of life that the bathroom reflects back to you as you sleep. The maze is your inner self that is growing and maturing so quickly that each new experience is unfamiliar and scary. Your inner self is your own maze, because you don’t know where it is going or where it will end.

A bathroom is a place of relief. In schools, the bathroom is where students go between classes to collect themselves, where they meet and greet friends, where they meet their own reflection and fears in the huge mirrors adorning the walls. It’s where students see themselves as others see them.

The filth of the bathroom is your own bottled up feelings and fears. The deeper you go into that filth the worse it becomes, because those are the feelings you have held deep inside for the longest. You seem to be letting go and dealing with some of those old feelings a bit just now, because the bathroom is beginning to be sparkly and pink. But within the sparkly and pink area, you are seeing the truth of those girly things; there is real danger within. The gossiping girls are your recognition of people, who they really are inside and behind all of their girly facades.

It seems to me that you are already dealing, in a mature way, with many issues on a subconscious level. Aren’t dreams great?



  1. dreams are funny – I’ve had one (exactly the same) since i was a kid…maybe i should look in to it one day

  2. I find them fascinating. Each time I delve into the meaning of something one of us has dreamed I learn more about the workings of our own minds and how we react subconsciously to things we pretend don’t worry us.

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