April 12, 2012

Humans are amazing beings. Bound to Earth by invisible gravity, tossed about by millions of viruses and bacteria and left quaking in the wake of natural disasters, people survive. And thrive.

While life seems fragile to us, our bodies and a natural balance of the universe wage a war against invaders every day. Objects hurtle constantly through space and time as do viruses through our blood stream, and like our immune system (a marvel unto itself) the universe either allows the objects to go on their merry way to becoming a part of wherever they land or whatever they orbit, or utterly destroys them.

The battles are violent and likely to leave scars. Things explode, energy is released and the universe changes. In our own bodies viruses and bacteria march about like a vanguard, looking for the tiniest chink in our defenses. Once they settle in, the universe within us strikes back. We then burn and shiver, sweat, and sleep fitfully as the battle continues. Things change. We develop antibodies to fight future invasions. They become a part of us. The virus within us, however, is destroyed.

I wonder if we are the virus that our great Earth is attempting to shake off. We have broken the balance of our world with pollution whose growth we seem unable to check. Our own lives go on, changing almost imperceptibly until damage we have caused cannot be denied. We learn too little, too late.

Perhaps your generation and that of your children will be more enlightened than my generation and those before me. Maybe you will understand problems to a new depth, allowing you to repair some of the damage we have inflicted on the Big Blue Marble. Maybe there is still time for humans to become antibodies within the system of the Earth and the universe, rather than the virus that must be destroyed.

Here’s hoping.


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