Hush you doggies

April 15, 2012

Earlier tonight Grandma Beanie, Aunt Linda and I (Brother Bernie, Tom and Michael were around, but not talking much) were once again trying to remember stories that really need to be included here. Some of them I am adding to the Some Things post and, of course, the story of Michael and the fish dinner came up again. He really doesn’t like that story, but he did promise to tell me some stories to add, and grudgingly gave me permission to tell of his best one-liner ever. He may not like the story, ever, but I love it.

Aunt Linda and a tiny Michael settled in to have a rare fast-food treat, a fish dinner. As Aunt Linda prepared a plate for Michael he said, “Gimme some of those!”

Aunt Linda went on preparing his plate as he grew more impatient and said, “Gimme some of those!” again.

Aunt Linda said, “Give you some of what?”

“Some of those dog balls!” Michael replied.

It took Aunt Linda a moment to understand that what Michael wanted was some hush puppies. Regardless of what he wanted, it was funny and Aunt Linda was already laughing on the inside. Same thing, right? One toddler’s hush puppies are another toddler’s dog balls.


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