Brassieres and understuff

April 21, 2012

There has been a whole lot of discussion this weekend about the proper care and color of underthings. I suppose it’s as important a topic as any other to record, so record it we shall.

It is well known by the women in the family that in Life According to Beanie, all underthings must be white. One of her worst nightmares ever was just prior to my wedding, when she dreamed that I had purchased all tan brassieres and panties to begin my married life. I had not. I had one beige and the rest white brassieres, and mostly white panties although some of them had tic-tac-toes or flowers or the days of the week on them. I tried to comply with the rules, I really did.

Times change and now we find ourselves discussing the white underthings with a chuckle. Well, you young ones chuckle. I still wear mostly white. It seems that most of you wear every color under the sun and even a tie-dyed brassiere here and there.

I say, you go, girls!

The discussion regarding my neglect in not having passed on instructions about never, never, never placing padded (and underwired) bras in the dryer is moot, girls. The reason I have always thrown my bras in the dryer is that they are white, very sturdy, wireless, and never, never, never padded.

Dunno what that says. Maybe you girls can figger it out.


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