Some nights

April 22, 2012

After decades of Sunday family dinners where the repast became as varied as the company, it occurred to me that some things never change.

Those who can make it to dinner, do. The welcoming scents of cooking and the sounds of family laughter don’t change very much from decade to decade, but with each passing year there are fewer of us. We miss those who are no longer with us. We still stay up longer than Grandma Beanie and talk longer into the night, but not nearly as long or as loudly as when Grandpa John was the Leader of the Band.

We go home now to lead our own lives, to deal with our own problems.

As Aunt Linda and I were clearing up tonight’s dishes and putting away food, Grandma Beanie, who had already headed to bed, came back out to the kitchen and looked at us. She then crossed to each of us and gave us a big, wet kiss.

Some things never change. I am grateful. Some nights feel astonishingly like other nights from long ago when all six of my siblings and I were around the table for dinner.

The most amazing thing is that though I see my brothers and sisters at the table in my mind, I also see you and Michael, Joe-your-dad and Jenny, Kirk Jr., Kimberly and Heather, and all of everyone’s children.

And in my mind Grandma Beanie goes to bed, comes back out to look at the whole mess of us, and then gives each of us, in turn, a big, wet kiss.



  1. This is really quite an astonishing and inspirational blog, Jan (may I call you Jan?). I gather its purpose is not wholly to share with others, but I am so very glad you did. Thank you.

    • Of course you may call me Jan. :)

      Thank you very much for your comment, Satis. I have been enjoying reading your blog from the beginning of Erâth. Thank YOU!

      This blog is primarily for my granddaughter, and in the future, I hope, for the other grandchildren.

  2. I hope she enjoys what you’ve created as much as I do.

    • Thanks, Satis. I must return the same compliment to you. I hope your son enjoys what you are creating as much as I am enjoying it.

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