April 28, 2012

Well, it’s done. The cell phone I told you about arrived today. It’s very tiny, with a touch screen and all kinds of fun things to play with. The first cell phone I had was in 1994, I think. It was a big old clunky thing that looked kind of like the WWI communications devices we see in movies. I had a Nextel cell phone after that, but used it primarily for two-way communication with customers until its cheeping about made me crazy. I don’t like to be quite that available.

I already took a picture of the lake and birdhouses and emailed it to you and Jenny along with the phone number. It’s a dark picture, so I won’t post it here. I will take another photo when the weather is not so dark and rainy.

Update 4/29/12*** Below is a new picture. The greens and blues will be much more saturated in the summer, but it’s still nice and you can see some of the bird feeders. The finches began coming again yesterday. Love it.

Pretty soon no one will know WHO I am with all of this driving and telephone usage going on. Yesterday Grandma Beanie and I went to the grocery store after she got her hair done. She looks great! I am still hacking at my hair with the nearest scissors and calling it good.

When I am home I will take a picture of the maple tree sapling in the back yard and email it to Adam. He has asked how our tree is doing.


  1. I am still not sure that cellphones are a good thing…not sure at all

    • LOL – I am still convinced that all phones border on evil, but for now, I will fall into line and use one for safety along with my new driving. Egad.

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