April 30, 2012

Aunt Cindy is gorgeous, and was gorgeous as a child. Like most siblings, we didn’t notice that beauty on any relevant level until she won a beautiful baby picture contest when she was in the fifth grade. We could see it then. She really was beautiful, from birth.

That didn’t stop us from calling her Crackle-Teeth when when she gritted her teeth in her sleep. Siblings must do something to keep the beautiful ones real, you know. To her credit, she was as real as they come, loving camping, and learning, and living a life full of family, friends and general craziness.

She was stunning as the queen of her senior prom, tanned and wearing a simple, white, floor-length halter dress, teary-eyed because Grandpa John was playing “Queen of the Senior Prom” by the Mills Brothers on the stereo and preparing to claim his very proper, straight-backed and stiff-armed dance before she left for the evening. But she was not more beautiful than she had been as a toddler, touched by the sun until she was as brown as a nut.

Struck by the beauty of her own little daughter, Grandma Beanie said to Aunt Cindy, “You look like Pocahontas.”

Aunt Cindy immediately began to cry inconsolably until Grandma Beanie was able to make her understand that Pocahontas was a beautiful Indian princess, as she was believed to have been. Aunt Cindy liked that. We will never know what thoughts she had of Pocahontas before Grandma Beanie was able to convince her that Pocahontas had been a very good and beautiful person.


  1. I guess if you don’t know who Pocohontas is it could sound like a a disease…

  2. This is a heart-warming and lovely story. I will visit each blog in turn over a period of time. I know how important it is to be read, valued,

    • Thanks Niamh. You are a sweety. :)

  3. And I reckon if you’ve never heard of the Mills Brothers, you might think they were into aromatic coffee beans. Seems a fitting tune selection for Cindy, though. Never were four browner, more melodious sibling nuts who, like our prom queen, were beautiful. There’s something about harmony. It’s the great equalizer. Hail to harmony, and to you, dear lady. Lorane Leavy. . . .

  4. It was a beautiful evening, watching my sister dance with Dad and then leave to be the queen of her senior prom, but in many ways she’s even more beautiful today.

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