May 3, 2012

You already know that children don’t always like their parents and grandparents. You have also seen that parents and grandparents don’t always like their progeny. We usually love them, though. Unless their actions have become dangerous to others, it’s very difficult to lose the love we feel for blood relatives. It hurts when we need to either tuck it away or try to quash it completely.

Having seen up close examples of what causes the complete breakdown of familial love, it seems simple to me precisely what it takes to keep that love forever.

Respect. Honor. One of those is even a commandment: Honor your father and your mother. I believe that we should honor our children and grandchildren, too.

What does it mean to honor?

I don’t think it means that we need to always like our parents or our progeny. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have I-am-mad-and-don’t-like-you moments. I think it means that at the very least, we need to respect them enough to listen, to learn about them, to try to understand. I think that whatever way we spin it, the conversation repeatedly comes back to the Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We all have thoughts we wouldn’t like to divulge to another living being. It’s what we do that is important. Actions speak. Words don’t do much until they are followed by action.

Act accordingly.


  1. It can be very difficult to break the hierarchical relationship between parents and children. Far too often have I seen parents treating their young children as though they are somehow “less”; these same children in turn treat their parents the same when they are old. How difficult it is to take a step back and see each other as people, and terrifying, too – what if it turns out you just don’t like them very much?

  2. It does happen. :)

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