Original Beanie Babies

December 17, 2012

I am an original Beanie Baby. I even have a sweatshirt with the words emblazoned across the front to prove it. Of all of the silly ideas Uncle Dave ever had, the sweatshirt idea may have been the most fun, because we are. We are the original Beanie babies, the seven of us who were in flesh, and those who live on in spirit.

Today I was hauling out for Goodwill the four massive, sealed Space Bags full of Beanie Babies that Grandma Beanie collected. You wouldn’t be surprised that she collected them, would you? It was almost a marketing imperative that she respond to cute little things targeted to the female psyche and oh, my! Seemingly target-marketed to her, directly. They were as good as her “Beanie O’Greenie” St. Patrick’s Day hats and the “Beanie Money” crock she has in her kitchen, and far more plentiful and diverse.

I didn’t collect Beanie Babies. I have collected only a variety of pretty rocks and a massive stamp collection, along with your stamp album that matches mine. It’s amazing how easily I found the stamp album you wanted when you said, at age five, that you wanted one just like mine. Mine was printed circa 1969. Thank eBay.

Only Beanie collected the original Beanie Babies. Our value hasn’t dropped.


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