January 23, 2013

Ay yi yi, I detest colds. I am battling a particularly nasty one today with sinus, face, and all-over-the-head-neck-and-chest involvement. Phht. Snckk. And all of those things.

While Grandma Beanie was at the dentist today I ran to the house to pick up lozenges, herbal preparations, teas and the neti pot. I am not crazy about the pot, but sometimes one must bite the bullet, or the pot, or something.

Anyway, I got it back here and with the other goodies, began to work on this cold with a vengeance. Now I feel terrible and sore, abused and so danged tired. Tomorrow I will feel better.

I hope.



  1. I like your blog! Thanks for sharing and i certainly hope you are feeling better by now! Take care of yourself and get (stay) well…

  2. i hope you are feeling better you poor thing…

  3. Thanks folks. Beanie says I sound better. I remain doubtful, but hopeful. :)

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