February 1, 2013

Annie stood in the middle of the room with her fingers holding her demure maternity blouse against her hips. Her tummy stood out along with her ample bosom, of which she was proud for the first time in her life. She was happy about both and hopeful that the enhanced bosom would remain after the birth.

The ladies in the room fussed over Annie and told her how beautiful she looked. And she did look beautiful, until a new woman joined the group.

“Ugh, why do you show that? I never even look pregnant until the month before the baby is born, and I certainly wouldn’t show it off,” said Mindy, Annie’s sister-in-law, as she moved efficiently through the crowd. Her body betrayed no sign of the coming of her third child. Her nineteen-sixties-style shirt dress with belted waist and plenty of fabric in a large knee-length gathered skirt surely covered a lot, but the ladies also knew that Mindy would be sporting a shoulder to thigh girdle beneath the billowing skirt.

Annie looked crestfallen. Annie’s mother, Mindy’s mother-in-law, looked furious. As the ladies turned away from Mindy’s nastiness, her mother-in-law followed Mindy to the food table. Of course, Mindy wouldn’t be eating. She never ate in public. Her mother-in-law suspected that she knew the reason, but had never explored her theory. With anger at Mindy for insulting Annie bolstering her, she was ready to test the theory today.

Looking Mindy square in they eye and then gathering all of the force she could find in her body, she backhanded Mindy across the center-parted, shoulder length, perfectly flipped nineteen-sixties-style blonde hair. Mindy fell to the floor with her gathered skirt flying up to her waist. As expected, a sturdy girdle firmly held every inch of flesh nearly to Mindy’s knees.

As Mindy’s mother-in-law had suspected would occur, Mindy’s head was split open and firing off electrical sparks. A dislodged electrical component that looked like a motherboard showed within the split. Mindy was twitching from her face to the tips of her sensible low-heeled pumps.

Looking at her daughter Annie, Mindy’s mother-in-law said, “Call your brother. His wife is broken.” She punctuated her words with a simple nod. Her theory had been correct.


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