February 3, 2013

No one could have known it would happen this way. I never expected to discover sisters because, as you know, I work pretty hard to keep my distance from most people. But some people sneak in when one least expects it, and in the most surprising ways.

I have discovered sisters. I think they may be the most remarkable things I have ever seen. I didn’t know they could be so cool, really.

They do the most amazing things! They help—a lot. They say nice stuff. They listen.

Who could have known they DO that?

I said one day that I love the modern wine glasses without stems; the next week I found them on the front porch, delivered via the heart of my North Carolina sister. I didn’t know what to do with that, so I did what I do when people break into my world; I cried.

Last week I said during dinner that I loved radishes. Today I had a bag of radishes and a radish and caraway seed salad, via the heart of my dear, dear Indiana sister. I am almost afraid to love a food, because kale, lettuce, mushrooms, chicken, tacos, rice and I-can’t-even-think-of-it-all has appeared.

Of course, they listen and respond to far more critical matters than those above, but the mentioned instances surprised me. That’s sisters, eh?

They HUG, too! Though I wasn’t quite sure about that, I survived it and dare I say, even liked it a bit? I didn’t cry until later. And they don’t hug often. It’s a good thing, methinks. I am also thinking that I am going to like this sister thing a whole lot.


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