What do you think?

February 3, 2013

She asked.

“You are really asking me what I think? Really?”

“Yeah,” she said, “what do you think?”

“Okay. I think that none of us thinks nearly enough about anything at any time. I think that when one asks another ‘What do you think?’ that one should be prepared to hear precisely the thoughts of the person queried.

I think there are far too many self-absorbed and far too few self-realized people in the world. I think that men are mean. I think that men are impatient fools. I think that men are inconsiderate dolts. I think that adult offspring are ungrateful and the best examples of self-absorbed people in the world. I think that given the correct tools and toys, men can move earth, snow, and probably this grumpy old soul. Adult offspring, too.

I think that grandchildren are the hope of the future.

I think that gun control is necessary. I think that people kill people, but that guns help those people kill people. I think that people have a right to defend their homes and families with weapons devoid of magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. If you can’t hit ’em with 10 rounds, folks, you’ve already lost. And that doesn’t even begin to discuss the results of the bad guy getting YOUR gun with more than 10 rounds and turning it on you, because he is BADDER than you.

I think that people who commit terrible crimes are not gentlemen and ladies. I think that all law enforcement personnel and murder show interviewees should STOP calling them gentlemen and ladies. Men and women will suffice if they cannot bring themselves (or are not allowed) to call each and every one of them a waste of skin on television.

I think that in most cases, logging into a personal account of another, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., using a username and password somehow illicitly obtained from the account owner is not hacking. Well, I know it’s not hacking. Please, news folks, stop calling it hacking. It’s sneaky, invasive, intrusive and all sorts of other things, but hacking it is not. Hacking is another type of violation entirely, and can be much more scary than simply invasive.

I think that when people find love they need to grab on to it and hold on with both hands. It matters not if it is male, female, in-between, black, white, red, yellow or just slightly jaundiced. If it’s real, hang on and love with all you have; it’s rare and incredibly valuable.

I think that publications with as much exposure as TIME Magazine and CNN should be using correct grammar and spelling in their articles. The English language is already getting a bit weird without publications such as those teaching poor usage by example.

I think that murderers are cowards and stalkers are fit-throwing toddlers. Grow up.

I think that if God does exist, He has a seriously warped sense of humor.

I think that pro-choice does not mean pro-murder, and that no choice often leads to death in horribly filthy rooms off of horribly filthy alleys. I think that anyone using the phrase “pro-abortion” needs to be smacked squarely across the head with a NERF® bat to WAKE THE HELL UP. I think that no one is pro-abortion. Any other suggestion is insulting.

I think that the checkout gal at CVS who checks to see if her customer really wants conditioner when purchasing a single bottle, rather than shampoo-and-conditioner twins is special. She saved me from owning a bottle of unwanted conditioner, and I appreciate her.

I think that rape is a crime. I think that force is rape. I think that anyone suggesting that an unwilling sexual victim “wanted it” needs to take a good hard look at him/herself in the glare of the public eye. I think that sleazy Ohio assholes need to take a look at the public’s reception of them right now. I would detest seeing something happen to the young men who couldn’t shut their mouths, but would detest seeing it less than I would detest seeing another high school jock rape another 16-year-old while those young men laugh about it. So fellas? Shut the hell up.

I think that when I write a post that makes me cry, it’s a keeper. Of course, I cry easily.

I think about who are the proverbial “they.” Who are they and why do they keep saying all those things? Why do they keep doing things we attribute to them? I haven’t yet figured out who they are or how they became so important.

I think that knowing death is coming is liberating. What will people do when I say something they don’t like? KILL me?

Oh, and those things I think about men, from above? I think them about women, too. And about myself, most Tuesdays. We all have a long way to go. Follow me if you will, I am going.



  1. Thanks for stopping by the other day. I haven’t checked in here in a while, and I’m sorry. Good to see you’re still writing! Oh, and nice post – I don’t give enough thought to this sort of thing. I rarely tell people what I think, but I also rarely ask people what they think.

    In terms of what you do think…I very much agree (even though I am a grown-up child).

  2. Thanks for stopping, Satis! I actually just softened my stance on the adult offspring and men, with a couple of thoughts that came to me while driving through our current snowstorm.

    Of course, *I* am also adult offspring.

    I don’t usually tell folks what I think, either, but one of the “she” people in my life asked. :)

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