A glass of whine

February 12, 2013

It has been almost two years since I decided to begin leaving a series of stories and life posts for you. The two-to-five year prognosis has come and gone; this is now almost year seven. It feels like year seven. Though I warned you I might whine a bit on this site, I have done that only one time. In this post I will try to not whine, and attempt to simply present information.

You saw at Thanksgiving that things are beginning to be a little difficult. The new regular oxygen saturation (pulse ox) is about 85%, dropping when I move around into the low 70% range. If I sit still it can go as high as 90%!

I won’t go into detail about other symptoms because that’s not fun to read. You have seen most of it – swelling here and pain there; gasping here and dizziness there; coughing here and general yuckiness there. I am still grinning and mostly bearing it, while continuing to wish that opiates were not on my allergy list.

I bought glucosamine lotion for Grandma Beanie’s arthritic knee that contains something called glucosamine sulfate potassium complex. In this particular preparation it apparently comes from shellfish, to which we all know that Grandma Beanie is highly allergic. Bah. It’s one of those times that one feels about as big as an ant. She didn’t use it because, unlike me, she read the ingredients. What a concept. It’s a good thing I bought capsaicin cream, too. She’s not allergic to chili peppers.

In other news, Jason sent me a link to the following video: A Defense of Comic Sans. I love it! But the video won’t convince me to use Comic Sans for anything, ever, never ever, never. Heh.

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